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Supra Make Your Teacher's Day

Sometimes, the most personal feelings are the hardest to voice. Hence, as an outlet, we resort to writing. Despite the advent of different apps and social networking sites, the words left unsaid are best expressed when written. And this was the idea that propelled Supra Pens to mark the occasion of Teacher’s Day through a novel initiative. The idea behind the campaign was to install postboxes in some of the renowned schools of Kolkata where the students would drop postcards carrying their handwritten messages (written with Supra Pens). The campaign was divided into two phases. In this phase, we urged Kolkata’s school-goers to pick up a pen instead of an electronic device, thus encouraging them to pour down their feelings for their favourite teachers on postcards. The second phase consisted of a case video showing the implementation of this idea. It captured the different emotions of the teachers while receiving these handwritten notes on Teacher’s Day. The case video was then released after the occasion of Teacher’s Day, thus showcasing the brand philosophy of Supra-Write to Tell.

Supra's Rendezvous with Sir Jadeja

The nation has produced many a great athlete throughout the years. So, one may wonder, why Supra decided to rope in Ravindra Jadeja as its brand ambassador. He is an Indian cricketing all-rounder, who has been steadily capturing the imagination of the nation's youth steadily with his winning performances. He is an inspiration for the millions of young, aspiring Indians, who in turn are the target audience of Supra. Henceforth, in all our creative campaigns, Ravindra Jadeja has been portrayed as an indisputable champion, thus successfully depicting the winning spirit that's the signature style of both Jadeja and the brand Supra.